Busy, busy!

A quiet first week in April, next week not so!! Back on the road with five gigs:
4th – St Neots Folk Club
5th – Bishop’s House (nr. Sheffield)
7th – The Newt
8th – Taunton Festival
9th – The Newt

Hello 2023!

2022 seemed like a short year in many ways. I certainly felt like we were short changed post pandemic!!

Thank goodness live music is slowly coming back, Dave and I tallied up the number of gigs we’d done and I was surprised to see we’d played 49 live gigs and 5 livestreams this year – more than I’d expected.

Let’s hope 2023 is a good one, personally I’m hoping for an end to the stupid, mindless conflicts that continue in the world and I’d like to see governments understanding that we need more equality and a bit of fairness and redistribution!

Above all, Mitchell and Vincent would like to offer you our best wishes for 2023 and let’s hope it’s a happy year for one and all – and filled with music!

A Corporation that Broadcasts to Britain…..

Can’t tell you where or what, can’t tell you when it’ll be on screen, suffice it to say we’ve been filmed. After the edit we may be a couple of tiny figures in the distance for milliseconds, or we might be smiling full screen for minutes. Anyway, it’s done.

Lyme Folk Weekend

A portion of chips on the beach at Lyme is a fine thing, and that may be a hint of my plan following our performance headlining the Seafront Stage on the last day of the festival (Sunday 4th Sept), we’re starting at 6pm and it’s all provided for free to watch by the festival.

Also catch us earlier in the day at 3.30pm where we will once again be ‘Mitchell and Vincent et al’ performing for the free ceilidh in Theatre Square and joined by Chris Edmunds on accordion and Dick Carlyon calling the dances. These have always been popular and great fun for all abilities to join in, getting people in the dancing and folky mood!

More violin/fiddle stuff!!

Anyone going to Sidmouth Folk Festival??

I’m going to have a stall at the Musical Instrument Fair at the Masonic Lodge, 112, High Street, Sidmouth, EX10 8EF.

It runs from the 29th July to 5th August and the opening hours are 9:30am to 7:00pm.

I’ll have four violins with me and plenty of time to have a chat about violins and violin making.

Do pop in and say hello!

A slight change……..

The sharp eyed amongst you will notice I’m playing a new violin! One of the joys of being a violin maker is that occasionally you get to make yourself one. I loved the old one, but I fancied a bit of a change – here she is – I’ve never named my instruments, so I guess she’ll remain as “the violin”.

She’s going to be busy, three gigs last week (with her debut on The Golden Hinde), two festivals this weekend and busy on the lead-up to Glastonbury and continuing so thereafter!!

Gigs are picking up steam again

There’s been a bit of a false spring, but it’s now looking more and more like we are seeing green shoots on the gigging front and the world seems to be coming to terms with the new norm.

We’ve been booked for quite a few festivals this year and also folk clubs and private events (we’re always interested in more – so get in touch!).

I’m particularly looking forward to playing on the Golden Hinde II again, perhaps see you there on May 31st??