Glastonbury – June 2022

“You were great in Toad Hall – brilliant music and atmosphere ❤️“.

“I saw this set of yours, it was lovely and too short!”.

Golden hinde – June 2022

“It was a memorable night with Mitchell and Vincent at The Golden Hinde’s latest folk concert on Tuesday. Mitchell and Vincent really engaged the audience with the quality of their performance and the stories about their choice of songs and tunes and their experiences as musicians. David Mitchell’s guitar arrangements combined perfectly with Graham Vincent’s fiddle playing and singing as they played a great selection of traditional and original music. Their shows always leave you feeling uplifted and looking forward to the next one.”

“Their skills go even further as Mitchell and Vincent use instruments they have made themselves. Graham Vincent’s fiddle was from a batch of violins he had completed only a few weeks earlier and had a really sweet tone and you can hear that David Mitchell’s guitar is something special.” Stephen Horrell.

“I had a wonderful evening of music with Mitchell and Vincent onboard The Golden Hinde yesterday and it’s a venue that suits these two excellent folksingers perfectly. With traditional songs and tunes from around Britain and beyond it was quite easy to imagine them being two of the crew as we voyages around the world. Graham gave us probably the best definition of an English folksong I’ve heard “Bloke does something stupid”, which does sum up so many of them. As I Roved Out or High Germany certainly fall into that category and Graham has a wonderful voice to sing them with. David’s a very precise guitarist who both supports Graham’s fiddle as well as taking the lead on tune sets. He also writes his own material. They have a very relaxed style which draws the audience in and a good mix so a depressing song will be followed by a set of jigs or reels that has everybody’s feet tapping. A duo very well worth seeing.” Tony Birch.

Watford Folk Club – April 2022

“Last night we welcomed Mitchell and Vincent to Watford Folk Club, and they gave us a truly magical evening.
David (guitar) and Graham (fiddle) showed superb musicianship played on instruments that they built themselves (They are both trained luthiers) and Graham’s vocals complemented the songs perfectly.
Firmly based in the Tradition, their interpretations of the songs and tunes reflected their appreciation and respect for our musical heritage. Seasoned with subtle humour, their two sets gave us songs and tunes played with warmth and feeling, the empathy between them was obvious.
Thanks guys for a brilliant evening.
It’s not easy to review a Mitchell and Vincent gig, simply because words can’t provide an accurate description of their talent.
All I would say is that if you like Traditional Folk Music, played and sung honestly, check the gig diary on their website and make a point of going to see them. If you are a club/festival organiser, do not hesitate to book them. You will not be disappointed.”

Some comments on our YouTube channel about “High Germany” (click here!) 

“Really cannot stop listening to this version. A true story telling. Thank you so much for this. Hope all the best for both. Cheers from Portugal”

“I watched you guys both days at broadstairs folk week and got you to request this because this song is soooo moving. Thank you for playing it because my little girl was also called polly. You two made my folk week, thank you !”

Wow! Great cover. You guys are so talented! What area are you guys based out of? I am in California. Originally from UK though.”

“This is my favorite version of High Germany I’ve found so far.”

“My favourite version I’ve heard of this song. Just beautiful”

“This is a great version on the song! On the level or better than Martin Carthy, or Luke Kelly. Amazing video too. Ever planning on coming to America?”

Irish Music Magazine review of our third album “The Preservation Of Fire”, Dublin Jan 2020

“Theirs is an intimate acoustic music. I got the feeling that I was eavesdropping on a conversation rather than listening to a recording. They display a deep understanding and appreciation of their instruments, mellifluous melodies and pulsing rhythms abound.”
“The Preservation of Fire sheds a warm glow on a fine duo who make music and the instruments on which they play it.”

Around Kent Magazine review of our third album “The Preservation Of Fire” (issue 96)

“Now this is a real pleasure”, “capture an unhurried vignette of the countryside in this delightful collection of melodies and song from the tradition”, “Their own song ‘Oh Albion’ poignantly illustrates a sensitivity to the loss of so much that defined a caring Britain, the more powerfully because its message is a seed rather than a thrown rock”, “In an era of hype and overdrive this genuinely moving CD is rightly gaining Mitchell & Vincent recognition. A treat for the ears!”.

Dreamers Folk Club, Cornwall 2020

“Excellent night with Mitchell and Vincent on classical guitar, fiddle and voice. Not just technically brilliant but played with warmth and feeling.”

Folk Radio review of our third album “The Preservation Of Fire” (featured in their “Editor’s Picks”)

“So, there you have it. Timeless; exquisite production; great selection of tunes; social commentary. What’s not to like? Nothing. But what has lifted it even higher for me is that my partner says that she really likes it. Now that kind of praise is extremely rare.”

FATEA review of our third album “The Preservation Of Fire”

“This is a very entertaining, varied and skilfully played collection of tunes and songs that stands up extremely well as a piece of studio work, but also serves to provide an excellent showcase of what to expect in Mitchell and Vincent’s live performances.”

Emma Sweeney BBC Radio Lancashire

“I just love them”.

Robert Ford on AbbeyFM 

Check out the new album by @mitchellandvin ‘The Preservation of Fire’. The sound is razor sharp and it’s as though they are playing in your lounge just for you. This is an album by two musicians at the height of their powers and their best album yet.

Gerard Edwards – Festival & Bradninch Folk Club Organiser

“Well worth going to see, generous in performance and I would say the quintessential fiddle guitar duo which is why they are booked as guests in December for the Bradninch Folk Club.” (That’ll be the third time we’ve played there – great club).

Chris Deacon – Bridport Folk Festival Organiser

“Without doubt an extremely accomplished and entertaining duo. Definitely a must see!”

Ralph McTell – Legend!

“That was really wonderful” , “I wish I could play the guitar like that”.

Tim Edey – Another Legend! (BBC Radio Two’s Folk Musician of the year 2012) 

“They were flippin’ brilliant”

Archie Fisher MBE – definitely another legend!

“I might want to borrow your fiddle player”

A comment on Twitter……….

“@mitchellandvinc my favourite band at @GlastoFest 2017”

“@GreenManFest please book them for 2018. Pretty please x”

R2 (Rock’n’Reel) Magazine review of our second album “Circling the Square”

“sensitive and stirring reading of traditional folk song, ‘High Germany’. It’s a fine example of the classy musical authority they wield on new album, Circling the Square.”

Acoustic Magazine review of our second album “Circling the Square” 

“at all times, the interplay between David Mitchell’s guitar – a classical model he made – and Graham Vincent’s fiddle is quite stunning.”

“the thoughtful arrangements interspersed with Graham’s quiet, sincere vocals create an album of unusual charm and dignity”.

Bright Young Folk review of our second album “Circling the Square” (review by Andy McMillan)

“their sound is much deeper and richer than you would expect from an acoustic duo. Intricate instrumentalism and pulsing rhythms abound, with fiddle and guitar playing styles that span the ruggedness of session playing to the gentle virtuosity of lament and love song. They display a deep understanding and appreciation of their instruments, further enhanced, possibly, by them both being skilled luthiers.”

“High Germany features haunting fiddle with gentle and delicate guitar playing in support of Graham Vincent’s excellent vocals in a memorable interpretation.”

“Hector the Hero…. One cannot help but be touched by the excellent interpretation of James Scott Skinner’s poignant Scottish lament”

“Established lovers of traditional music, and those newer to its delights, will equally enjoy this fine offering from Mitchell and Vincent. Circling the Square captures the intimacy, warmth and welcome normally only found at a local folk venue, whilst providing skilled arrangements and expert delivery of tunes and songs which showcase the vibrancy, and variety, of folk music across Britain. A thoroughly engaging and enjoyable experience.”

fRoots Magazine review of our second album “Circling the Square”

“poised and lively refinement”

FolkWords review of our second album “Circling the Square” (review by Charlie Elland)

“I would include their album ‘Circling The Square’ on your ‘must listen to this’ list.”

“there’s a clear and obvious enticement to listen to their music.”

FATEA review of our second album “Circling the Square” (review by Tony Birch)

“you will find music that is beautifully played, with a delicacy and lightness of touch”

“It’s an album to listen to, and appreciate, and grows in stature at each play.”

Readifolk – Reading 2019

“Mitchell and Vincent (or vice versa) were completely amazing. Such expression and dynamics in their playing whilst still staying tight as a duo. And the songs were so deftly and beautifully delivered. I was spellbound.” – Kristin King (musician)

“Travelling back from Bristol on Sunday gave me the perfect opportunity to drop in to Readifolk and see another duo I’d wanted to catch for a long time. Mitchell and Vincent are a really quality duo who deserve to far more widely know. Both excellent musicians David Mitchell (guitar) and Graham Vincent (fiddle) play traditional music from around the world with a precision and delicacy that leaves an audience hanging on to every note and wanting more. Even in a folk club the attention paid by the good sized, appreciative and knowledgeable crowd was something special. ” – Tony Birch

Ritz Acoustic Club – Burnham-On-Sea 2018

“The Showcase act, MITCHELL & VINCENT, were just brilliant !! Great musicians, brilliant Fiddle and guitar playing. Wonderful evening of Folk from two top class entertainers
Thanks guys!”

Artree Live 2017

Guitarist David Mitchell and fiddle player/vocalist Graham Vincent have been gaining an enviable reputation on the folk circuit in the UK in the last couple of years – both at clubs and festivals. Their debut Artree Live performance in 2015 was so well received – we had to have them back to headline!

Bradninch Folk Club – Bradninch 2016

“David Mitchell and Graham Vincent proved to be masters of their art”

Brunny Folk Club – Bournemouth 2016

“Our headliners were the stunning Mitchell & Vincent. They brought us rousing tunes, haunting melodies, & songs that had the Brunny choir in full voice. If you haven’t seen them before you’ve certainly missed a treat!”

Andrew Knutt – Director of Creative Innovation Centre CIC Taunton – October 2015

“breathtaking music and performance”

Lyme Folk Weekend 2014

“But here at Lyme Folk Weekend we are, deep down, just a bunch of traditional old folkies, so we’re picking as our personal highlight of the weekend, among a whole host of excellent candidates, the simple but brilliant fiddle and guitar of Mitchell and Vincent, bringing the Sunday night Pilot Boat crowd to tears one moment and to their feet the next.”

Bradford on Avon Folk Club 2014

“…….you are a superb team amazing playing and Graham has a fantastic voice, a really enjoyable night, thanks again”

Wessex Folk Festival 2013

“Mitchell and Vincent’s performance at this year’s Wessex Folk Festival was excellent. Distinctive yet fresh traditional folk produced by two musicians who know how to play their instruments and tell stories with their melodies. If you get the chance, go see the guys as it is well worth it.”

UK Folk Music Directory

“Circling The Square is the second CD from this talented duo. The first thing you will notice is the simple approach which they have to crafting the music. There are no recording tricks, no double tracking or general augmentation to the sound, it’s just two in form musicians doing what they do best. It’s a refreshing approach………  Mitchell and Vincent should be very happy with what they have achieved.”

We play a few private parties, weddings, wakes and house parties, so:

Private party – June 2022

“I wanted to say a huge thank you to you both for creating such a lovely vibe at Andy’s party yesterday. I had so many friends say how much they enjoyed it! Thank you again”

Wedding – June 2019

“You are now at Glastonbury where I envy the festival goers having the chance to hear you.
I have been searching for the right words to convey how very grateful we are to you both but so far nothing quite matches up to the depth of our gratitude. You are now members of our family – for better or for worse! You absolutely made the wedding. You set exactly the right mood from the word go with your beautiful sound expressing tons of warm feeling and happiness and reflecting all that is best and important in love and in marriage. From the whole day, my favourite lasting memory is seeing my daughter walk down the aisle confidently and happily to the truly wonderful sound and words of the Vin Garbutt version of Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring sung and played by Yours Truly even better than Garbutt himself. That will stay forever in my mind. The rhythms and the words, so beautifully played and sung. Well done and thank you for suggesting it – also the amazing version of the Wassail. Loved it. Loved absolutely all your music. Big fan.
Should you ever sing and play the Jesu, Joy again, we would love a recording of it please. So beautiful. and the Wassail and everything really.
The procession from the church was also so happy and joyful and spontaneous. Your music is most certainly captivating bringing echoes from the past, and from the country with your own charming personalities coming through directly in the music. Relaxed but at the same time passionate about what you do and fun to be with.
I am waffling a bit now as I really am finding it hard to say how marvellous you are but I really do mean it.
Katie was thrilled that you seemingly effortlessly managed to arrange the dancing on the lawn. Something she really really hoped to do, but, in truth something I thought may be difficult to arrange. Everyone loved it, and everyone loved you. We have had such amazing feedback from friends and family and neighbours (who came for lunch on the Sunday too) and every one singles out the music as being the best bit.
We will watch out for a gig not too far away and come to see you again.
Should you be passing, do drop in for a bite and a drink or two.
Until we hopefully meet again,
my very grateful thanks, and biggest kiss and hug,”

“I was just about to email you myself but my mother beat me to it (as ever!). I totally mirror what she said in that words cannot express what a special day it was and how your music gave it that magical feel. Your song recommendations somehow perfectly conveyed what I/we had in our minds and could not have been more perfect.

So many people said to us it was the best wedding they had been to and I know your music played a very large part in this.

Huge thanks again. We hope to see you play again sometime soon. In the meantime, have a fab Glastonbury!”

Wedding – June 2016

“I just want to say an absolutely massive thank you for playing at our wedding back in June! You are both phenomenally talented musicians who are also such lovely, friendly, kind, supportive people!!! I don’t know if I can express how much it meant to come out from the wedding ceremony and see you both sat playing away in the gazebo, exactly as we discussed!! We thoroughly appreciate it, and wish you the very best, thank you a million times over xxx”

Wedding – August 2015

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for playing at our wedding back in August. You guys were fantastic, the guests loved your music and you couldn’t have been a better fit for Pilton Tithe Barn! Thanks again!”

Wedding – May 2015

“My wife and I want to thank you for playing our wedding on Saturday. It was perfect, everybody loved it and you were great.”

Wedding – July 2014

“I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you so so much for the absolutely beautiful music on our wedding day at the end of July. Everybody said how wonderful the music was and it fitted so well with the venue………….. we were so grateful and the music was just perfect.”

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