House Concerts

Don’t fancy going out? We’ll come to you! OK, maybe it’s a bit more complicated than that, but not much.

What is a House Concert?

A house concert is a small concert held in someone’s home and the audience is invited by the host (who does not profit from the event). The invited audience may be friends, neighbours, work colleagues or other like minded people who the hosts have met at concerts, local pubs, music venues or folk clubs.

If you think you can fit 20+ people in your house or back garden then you can host a show. There’s a suggested donation of £15 per head which is collected by the host and goes direct to us. We need the numbers to be 25 or above to make the afternoon/evening work for us. It’s also a lovely size of audience for an intimate concert.

We generally use a small amount of high quality amplification to fill out the sound – the emphasis being on the quality of sound NOT volume!! (we bring ALL the kit we need).

So, if you fancy giving it a go, please get in touch –

Or just have a party!

If that’s starting to sound like too much work, or you just fancy having a party, we’re more than happy to play at private parties, dinners and functions in homes, marquees and village halls etc! Pricing does vary according to distance, but a simple party without significant travel starts at around £400.

Any questions, or should you wish to book us, please get in touch

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