Busy busy

A quick look at the gig list shows an intensive few weeks ahead – particularly looking forward to supporting Kate Rusby on the main stage at Broadstairs Folk Week – Their 50th festival this year, our second visit! Amongst other things Dave’s running a guitar workshop – that should be a hoot, I’m looking forward to picking up a few tips myself….

My new fiddle……



I’ve fitted up the fiddle I’m making and strung it up “in the white” so that I can shape the neck whilst it’s strung – I thought this would make sense – it also meant I could have a good play and get an idea what it’s going to sound like………… and I’m very happy!

So, shape neck, finish edgework, refine nut and fingerboard, scrape the whole fiddle and then time to start the varnishing.


On the fiddle again.

Sorry to go on, but I am loving my C19th German fiddle. The rest of the (rather small) collection are languishing in their cases!

Booking loads of gigs at the moment. I always know a gig’s gone well when we get people coming up to talk to us afterwards and asking to book us for their own events. Seems to be happening quite a bit at the moment.

Onwards and upwards.