The new normal……

If you can’t beat them, join them!
We’ve done our best to produce a “live” performance with both of us performing a short “gig” in one take. It was actually rather good fun to do and I think we’ll be doing some more!

How it was…..

Remember going out, and gigs and stuff? Here’s a little reminder of a lovely gig we did at Rosslyn Court in Margate, it was quiet as “Storm Dennis” was blowin’ in… little did we realise what was to blow in a few weeks later!!

Have a gig on us!

In the total absence of live gigs just at the moment, we thought we’d try to bring a few smiles by putting out a video of a gig we did just over a year ago… warts and all…  at The Albatros, an old Dutch cargo vessel, moored in Wells-next-the-Sea. It was a two and a half hour gig, which I’ve edited down, so – as they say in the adverts “some sequences are shortened”! I’ve tried hard to keep the feel of the gig, so there are a few blemishes and I hope it still feels live! Enjoy, and hope to see you all soonest!


No gigs then.

Worrying news at the moment with the covid outbreak.

Obviously we are cancelling gigs for two months initially and will keep an eye on how things progress.

We’re going to be spending the next few weeks usefully, Dave & I will both be in our respective workshops making instruments, writing music and maybe even recording something – Keep in touch, sign up on our mailing list and if we do any online performances we can let you know!

Stay safe and best wishes to you all.


Dark Materials!!

Still chuckling to myself over one of the classiest bits of heckling at a recent gig. Whilst some fumbling with complicated tuner was in progress, some wit called out:

“It’s an elethiometer”.

Still chuckling.


Had a lovely gig this weekend at The David Hall, South Petherton.The David Hall 2019

The calendar is filling up for 2020, but if you’re having any kind of private celebration – be it wedding, party, garden party, ceilidh, even a wake – then get in touch as we play quite a few. A bit of live music can make a huge difference!679-M&M-2J9A7589


The Preservation of Fire – Album no. 3

“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire” – Gustav Mahler. And so, “The Preservation of Fire” is the title we’ve chosen for our third album. Available now from all the usual sources!


Recorded and mastered in Somerset at Court Farm by Mitchell and Vincent.
All tracks and sets arranged by Mitchell and Vincent.
Copyright 2019 Mitchell and Vincent


Folk Radio review  (featured in their “Editor’s Picks”)

“So, there you have it. Timeless; exquisite production; great selection of tunes; social commentary. What’s not to like? Nothing. But what has lifted it even higher for me is that my partner says that she really likes it. Now that kind of praise is extremely rare.”

FATEA review 

“This is a very entertaining, varied and skilfully played collection of tunes and songs that stands up extremely well as a piece of studio work, but also serves to provide an excellent showcase of what to expect in Mitchell and Vincent’s live performances.”

Robert Ford on AbbeyFM 

Check out the new album by @mitchellandvin ‘The Preservation of Fire’. The sound is razor sharp and it’s as though they are playing in your lounge just for you. This is an album by two musicians at the height of their powers and their best album yet.

The Living Tradition

“There’s a lot to like here”.



It’s that time of year again…… I’ve got my wellies out and We’re playing in “Green Futures Field”, We’re on at Toad Hall and also The Small World Stage – Listen out for us on Worthy FM Festival Radio on the Wednesday! Excited!!

TOAD HALL:  Weds 26th June 5:15pm – 6pm

SMALL WORLD STAGE:  Thurs 27th June 1:15pm – 2:15pm

T’was in a Royal Tunbridge Wells Car Park!

We had some time to kill before the last gig of our East of England tour, we thought we’d find somewhere scenic in Royal Tunbridge Wells and do a quick video. Not sure why….. but here’s a video from the station car park. It was actually rather fun to do (couple of out takes on the end) and the parking warden seemed quite bemused by it all!

As I Roved Out

Delighted to release our second “proper” video. I’ve loved this song from the first time I heard it, so it was an absolute joy to have the wonderful Caraway Music make a video of us playing in the crypt of St John on the Wall in Bristol. Thanks guys!