Video at The Square & Compass “Henge”

We ran a fiddle and guitar workshop in the morning and had a gig later in the evening. Lunchtime, whilst kicking our heels before the evening gig we parked up and spotted this wooden henge that the landlord had built near his pub….. We decided to get the cameras rolling and recorded this video live. Sound was recorded on a Sony phone lying on the ground in front of us (hidden behind a piece of bark) and the video was shot on two iphones. You can spot one of them jammed into one of the tree trunks. Had to do quite a bit of fettling to the sound and video later, but this filmed and recorded entirely live in one take in a field in Dorset. The nod at the end was to the small audience who’d gathered to watch what was going on. And as for the tune – one of our favourites, it’s on our album “The Preservation of Fire”.