The Preservation of Fire – Album no. 3

“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire” – Gustav Mahler. And so, “The Preservation of Fire” is the title we’ve chosen for our third album. Available now from all the usual sources!


Recorded and mastered in Somerset at Court Farm by Mitchell and Vincent.
All tracks and sets arranged by Mitchell and Vincent.
Copyright 2019 Mitchell and Vincent


Folk Radio review  (featured in their “Editor’s Picks”)

“So, there you have it. Timeless; exquisite production; great selection of tunes; social commentary. What’s not to like? Nothing. But what has lifted it even higher for me is that my partner says that she really likes it. Now that kind of praise is extremely rare.”

FATEA review 

“This is a very entertaining, varied and skilfully played collection of tunes and songs that stands up extremely well as a piece of studio work, but also serves to provide an excellent showcase of what to expect in Mitchell and Vincent’s live performances.”

Robert Ford on AbbeyFM 

Check out the new album by @mitchellandvin ‘The Preservation of Fire’. The sound is razor sharp and it’s as though they are playing in your lounge just for you. This is an album by two musicians at the height of their powers and their best album yet.

The Living Tradition

“There’s a lot to like here”.