Music, guitars & fiddles!

2018 is shaping up well for us, plenty of gigs booked (click here!) and plenty more in the pipeline. Album No. 3 is being slowly and carefully put together and will include some of our own material as well as our favourites picked from the tradition and reworked!

Dave’s guitar is looking more and more like Willy Nelson’s “Trigger” after the 500 plus gigs we’ve played together so far……..

(That’s Trigger, not Dave’s guitar)

It’s probably great news then that Dave is building himself another guitar which will become his No. 1 gigging instrument. He’s also working on orders for others at present so I’m not the only one looking forward to seeing them completed!

On the violin front, I’m still playing the old English violin I have but am making myself a new fiddle to replace that. The design is influenced by the 17th & 18th Century English Makers like Benjamin Banks who copied Amati but ended up with their own idiosyncratic style. Looking forward to finishing that and also a commission I’m working on.

(Violin by Benjamin Banks – 1780)

Do keep in touch – and should you have a private party or public event that would benefit from some music, then please get in touch ( ).

And……. one of my favourite little snippets of information from 2017 which I saw on Dave’s Twitter feed “In Tibet, distances were traditionally measured by the number of cups of tea needed for each journey.” I’m thinking the 500 gigs equates to about 2000 cups of tea and about the same in coffee, plus perhaps the odd beer along the way!!

Bye for now!

Graham Vincent

Jan 2018

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