CIRCLING THE SQUARE – Our second album!!

Absolutely delighted to announce the release of our second album! Have a listen below.

Bright Young Folk say “their sound is much deeper and richer than you would expect from an acoustic duo.” “They display a deep understanding and appreciation of their instruments” “A thoroughly engaging and enjoyable experience.”

Acoustic Magazine say “at all times, the interplay between David Mitchell’s guitar and Graham Vincent’s fiddle is quite stunning.” and “an album of unusual charm and dignity”.

To quote FATEA magazine……. ” It’s an album to listen to, and appreciate, and grows in stature at each play ”

FolkWords say “from softly delivered songs … through expressive tune sets … there’s a clear and obvious enticement to listen to their music.”   “I would include their album ‘Circling The Square’ on your ‘must listen to this’ list.”

It’s available for download via Bandcamp below or you can email us for a real CD!

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