A new year!

Saw in the new year with some style at the Fox & Hounds in Cattistock, Dorset. Lovely pub and lovely people.

I was a bit nervous as it was the first time I’d really played my recently acquired C19th German fiddle in public and also the first time I’d played it vigorously since I repaired the massive crack in the front! Glad to report it went well and the repair has held. I think this violin is going to become a favourite of mine and the C20th French violin I normally play may start to gather some dust.

Dave is threatening to make himself a new guitar this year as a backup for the rather splendid instrument he plays which he built a few years ago now. I think I’m also going to start building a violin for myself – but it’ll be a surprise if it’s good enough to push the German fiddle off stage!

The first album is nearing completion and we’re getting artwork and sleeve notes ready.

Amusing to see Reverbnation has us at No 1 in our regional folk music chart, not sure what that means, but now we can say we’ve been at number one (won’t say of what!).

Anyway, must go and practice some of our new tune sets for the next gig!

Have a good 2015 – Graham




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